Our Areas of Practice

A Certified Family Law Specialist practicing Family Law in California since 1997


Going through a divorce is often a very emotional and demanding  process. Assistance and representation by an experienced and  knowledgeable attorney can help expedite the process and make it easier for the client.

Divorces often involve numerous issues; some can be simple while  others can be much more complicated based on the particulars of each  individual case. 

Separate Property or Community Property Litigation:

California’s marital/community property laws may seem simple and  straightforward but that is not often the case. Pursuant to California  law, property, assets, or debts acquired during marriage are presumed to  be community property. It is the Court’s goal to ensure that there is  an equal and equitable division of the community’s assets and debts.

However, it is often the case that parties may be entitled to  reimbursement of separate property contributions to the acquisition of  community property and assets and other reimbursement and separate  property claims as permitted under the Family Code. In these types of  situations, it may be necessary to employ the services of a forensic  Certified Public Accountant to help analyze and present these claims.

Child Custody and Visitation:

It is our goal to help our clients determine what they believe is in  the best interests of their children. We help our client’s understand  their options and how to best ease the stress and conflict upon their children as they go through the dissolution process. We assist our  clients in understanding the custody process and will often ask them to  work with a custody expert to better prepare them for whatever course of  action is best for their situation.

Ms. Frye has substantial experience in representing children by Court  appointment in high conflict custody cases and has experienced the effect that such conflict has on the children. We are dedicated to  minimizing the conflict between the parents and avoiding litigation, if possible. However, we recognize that there are situations where the  conduct of the other parent creates a risk for the children and in that  particular situation, conflict may be unavoidable. Our firm will provide  the necessary support, experience and, knowledge to help our clients through their custody situation.

Complex Relocation Issues:

Ms. Frye has substantial experience in cases involving complex relocation issues and has been lead counsel on some of the prevailing  cases in this area of litigation. Ms. Frye has represented the custodial  parent and the non-custodial parent in relocation cases and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in litigating these issues. 

Relocation can be one of the most complex and difficult issues that arise in child custody cases. Relocation of the custodial parent has a  direct impact on the children and both parents’ relationships with the  children. These types of situations can involve a formal custody  evaluation by a mental health professional which can cause a lengthy and  time-consuming process. Due to the complexity of relocation issues, it  is imperative that a parent in a relocation situation seek the advice of  an experienced attorney.

Spousal Support:

In California, there are two types of spousal support: temporary and  permanent. Temporary spousal support is largely determined by the  incomes of the parties while permanent spousal support is a subjective determination governed by the California Family Code.

 It is the policy of the state of California that parties’ make the  appropriate effort to become self-supporting within a reasonable period  of time.

However, we do recognize that there are factors that affect the  employability of a spouse (physical/health factors, care of minor  children, etc.) and we will work with our clients to assess their particular situation.

Determining the appropriate amount of temporary and/or permanent  spousal support may require the assistance of a forensic Certified  Public Accountant or other resources that we will make available to our  clients, if necessary.

Child Support:

In California, child support is primarily driven by the incomes of  the parties and the percentage of parenting time that each parent has  with the child or children. However, the “formula” used in California to  determine child support takes other factors into consideration,  including mortgage interest, mandatory contributions to retirement,  health insurance premiums and property taxes. Only in limited situations  will the Court deviate away from the guideline child support resulting  from the above “formula”.

Domestic Violence:

Relationships involving domestic violence are taken very seriously in  the state of California. In an immediate emergency of domestic violence  to a party or child, please call 911 and seek an Emergency Protective  Order to protect you and your family.

In situations in which there is no immediate danger but there is a  history of domestic violence against a party or child and there is a  threat of imminent harm, it is possible to obtain a Temporary  Restraining Order (TRO) through the Family Court. The issue of domestic  violence in Family Court is a complex matter and often requires the  assistance and representation of an experienced Family Law attorney. Our  firm and our resources are here to help our clients through the  emotional process of protecting themselves and their family from domestic violence.

Other Family Law Issues:

In addition to the practice areas above, we are also experienced and  knowledgeable with the enforcement of pre-marital and post-nuptial  agreements; post-judgment issues; enforcement of Family Law orders; cryptocurrency, and  attorney fees and costs.