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A Certified Family Law Specialist practicing family law in California since 1997

Resolving your Complex Divorce Issue

While the ideal divorce is one that can be resolved amicably,  quickly and with relative ease, the reality for many people is sometimes  the opposite: a complicated, acrimonious divorce with numerous issues.  These require a family lawyer with in-depth litigation experience.  California Divorce lawyer Rebekah Frye specializes in handling  contentious divorce and complex litigation – especially issues dealing  with property division, child custody, relocation, cryptocurrency, and support. 

Inspiring Trust and Confidence

Rebekah and her team use their exceptional interpersonal  communication skills and advanced legal knowledge to inspire you with  the trust, confidence and clarity you need to make it through your  divorce – regardless of how complex and difficult it may seem today.  They’ll help you realistically see the road ahead, so that you can move  forward to the next phase of your life.

A Network of Forensic Experts selected for your divorce

Seasoned experts can make or break your divorce case – whether  at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. Rebekah has developed a  personal network of specialists across the country who can provide  invaluable advice and, if necessary, expert testimony in matters  concerning: separate property or community property litigation, complex  relocation issues, spousal support, cryptocurrency, child support, child abuse, domestic  violence, forensic accounting and other critical family law issues relevant to your divorce.

A Certified Family Law Specialist and a lecturer

Rebekah has been serving clients as a family lawyer since 1997,  and is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Board of  California, Board of Legal Specialization. Widely respected within the  legal community as a dedicated and knowledgeable advocate for her  clients’ rights, Rebekah has been hand-picked by Santa Clara county  judges to serve as Minor’s Counsel in numerous cases. Rebekah has also lectured to judges, attorneys and mental  health professionals on a variety of child custody issues.


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